Attract College Students to Your Brand with these Tips

Attract College Students to Your Brand with these Tips

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College students make up a large amount of the American population, and brands that aren’t tailoring their message to suit them are losing out. When trying to reach this audience, it is important for businesses to have more than just a great and appealing concept. Even if your company solves a common problem college students have, your product will not perform as well if it does not have an authentic message. College students are used to instant gratification – the ability to have what they want whenever they want it, and they do not want to waste time or money when it is not necessary to. They are always keeping their eye out for new products and technology that facilitates their day to day lives. Here are four ways to tailor your strategy to suit college students:

  1. Offer and deliver relevant value

When delivering the message to college students, it is important to not only show the value of your product, but also how it fills a void or solves an inconvenience in their everyday life. Additionally, the actual delivery of the promised value of your product holds the same importance as the content of your value message.

  1. Provide exclusivity

College students are not against being a part of a large consumer group, but they appreciate brands that are willing to listen to what they have to say on an individual level. By providing premier memberships or offering special exclusive deals for your most loyal members, you will be able to provide college students with the feeling that they are a VIP member of the brand, rather than its target.

  1. Emphasize peer reviews

College students are more likely to try a product if they have peers that have confirmed their satisfaction with it. Reviews on websites, in person with brand ambassadors, or even through social media will give the opportunity for students to know more about your brand and what it stands for.

  1. Be online

Research from social-influence marketing company Platform discovered that those aged 18-36 spend about 17.8 hours a day interacting with different types of media – and 71% said they were on social media sites daily. Showing your brands’ true self on social media engages with college students on the platforms they consider home. Not only is this a great way to share your brand’s story, but social media also allows your brand to receive feedback and have customers ask questions and receive personalized responses.

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