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  • The Benefits of Email Marketing

    May 22, 2017

    Email marketing is a widely used and extremely cost-friendly marketing channel, which has the ability to spread information to college students quickly and effectively. Here are the top benefits of email marketing, according to the 2017 Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Report. 1. Generating more leads Encouraging consumers/potential consumers to subscribe to your brand’s emailing list or sending out emails to students on campus is one way to generate leads. College students check their email daily – it is a part of their daily routine of checking all t Read More
  • Lessons in Back to School Marketing

    May 16, 2017

    The back to school season has been in a state of constant changing over the past few years. The diverse and complex environment calls for a change in strategy for marketers. The BTS “season” should no longer be viewed as the time frame a month or two before school starts. Marketers instead should shift their focus to a year-round strategy that can capture BTS sales occurring outside the month or two before the start of a new semester.  Here are a few lessons in back to school marketing: Back to school season is departing from its traditional paradigm The retail world is in a state Read More
  • Why is College Newspaper Advertising So Effective?

    May 12, 2017

    One of the most effective ways to market to college students is to advertise in campus student newspapers. According to 3DIssue, a recent study showed that 72-80% of college students read their campus newspaper regularly. College newspapers are generally available all over campus, are free and reach a specific demographic that has a surprisingly high readership. Although they are not the only form of advertising critical for most businesses, it does represent a great opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked. According to Book Business, targeted print advertising is a cost-effective way to ge Read More
  • Marketing to the College Students on their Summer Travels

    May 9, 2017

    With the spring semester coming to an end, college students are prepping for their summer vacation travels. College students have more opportunities to travel, with a whole summer free of classes and the opportunity to study abroad. Seventy-five percent of college students want to travel as much as possible – it is a big priority as students’ value experiences more than tangible items. How can marketers reach students that are traveling anywhere? Effective channels Facebook and other social media channels are effective at ensuring authenticity and building trust. College students wan Read More
  • Trust and Engagement Drive Purchase Behavior for College Students

    April 28, 2017

    Authenticity and transparency are important key words when discussing on how brands should connect with college audiences. What is a brand to do in today’s competitive environment that has shaped the expectations to consistently search for authenticity, transparency, and brands that really connect and understand them? Here are some four elements of your strategy to drive purchase behavior and ultimately brand loyalty for college students: Humanize your brand Have a relatable story with clear and consistent messaging. Spend time cultivating this story – not as a marketing narrative Read More
  • College Student Shopping Trends Your Brand Should Not Ignore

    April 25, 2017

    The ideal retail experience for college students is changing and is no longer a giant superstore full of endless product options. College students value simplicity, quality and authenticity, according to the 10 Trends Millennial Retail report from Kelton. Here are four shopping trends popular with college students and how your business can take advantage of them. Focus on quality, not price Less is more for college students, as many are rejecting mass consumption and the waste it brings about. Instead, they are focusing on purchasing fewer but higher-quality products. The essential pro Read More
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing to College Students

    April 21, 2017

    College students are extremely connected in this digital age as almost half are online for over 10 hours per day. Given these statistics, it should make sense that companies would want to point their efforts advertising online. A recent prediction by eMarketer says that this year, more money will be spent on digital marketing than any other form of advertisement, including television. However, it is important to avoid making the following mistakes that have the potential to damage your brand’s potential to attract this lucrative market. Mistake #1: Making Outdated or Irrelevant References Read More
  • Summer Marketing Strategies: Boost Business When Class Isn’t In Session

    April 14, 2017

    With the end of the spring semester approaching and college students are buckling down for finals, it is time for businesses to put their summer marketing strategies into gear. As the seasons are changing, students get ready for summer by going their separate ways – whether it be going away on vacation, traveling back home, or even staying on campus for summer classes. Businesses should not be put off by student exodus from campus and see it as a lower season for sales and revenue. Here are some marketing tips to heat up your summer marketing strategy. Implement mobile With students Read More
  • Improve Brand Loyalty Through Email Marketing

    April 7, 2017

    Email marketing serves a lot of purposes – from integrating other marketing channels, communicating a message effectively and advertising promotions or exclusive deals. Most email marketers focus on the goal of click-throughs –as more traffic to your online site generates more revenue. However, the dimension of brand loyalty is another way to yield an even longer-term return on investment. Brand loyalty is how you obtain repeat customers who are willing to buy again and again – and tell their friends. Here is how to use email marketing to increase brand loyalty:   Send out i Read More
  • It’s Time to Start Preparing Your Back to College Marketing Promotional Strategies

    April 5, 2017

    It is never too early to start planning for back to school season and ways to promote your brand and product during this busy time of year. According to the National Retail Federation, the average family will spend more freely on school, college and dorm supplies. The 2016 total expected spend for K-12 and college was $75.8 billion, which is up from 2015’s $68 billion spend. The annual NRF survey concluded that 50% of back to college shoppers will start shopping three weeks to one month before coming back to school. With the end of the spring semester ahead, it is important to start looking Read More
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