Brand Ambassador Strategies to Engage Digitally-Connected College Students

Brand Ambassador Strategies to Engage Digitally-Connected College Students

Brands that recruit college brand ambassadors have been around for quite some

time, and for good reason. Having a student represent your brand is a great way to

quickly increase brand awareness and promote a positive reputation on campus.

Although the reasons brands recruit ambassadors have not changed much, the act of

properly marketing to college students is always in a state of change. As technology

and communication channels evolve, college students’ needs and desires also

change. Recruiting college brand ambassadors requires a lot of work – interviewing,

training, activity planning, managing and reporting are just a few tasks. Here are

three different ways to recruit brand ambassadors while staying relevant to today’s

digital world.

  • Look out for students with a large social media following

Social media is second nature to college students – they constantly have their

smartphones with them and are interacting with others on social media. It is

important to find brand ambassadors who have access to a robust and active

network of students. It is not just about how many people follow them on social

media – it is about how actively engaged they and their followers are on each

respective platform. Brand ambassadors need to have connections that personally

know and trust them.

  • Go where your audience is

It can be difficult to find brand ambassadors on college websites. Therefore it is best

to reach out to specific schools and discover how to recruit on site. It is also

important to decide what channel to interact with them on. College students used to

decide between needing a laptop or a desktop for classes. Now, they consider

whether or not having a tablet will be enough. According to the Boston Globe, some

students even write papers on their smartphones. Make communication easy by

meeting them where they are: through mobile.

  • Use data to track sales

There are ways to track data to see how well your brand ambassadors are doing

through digital codes. Sites such as offer the ability to give each campus rep a

different URL or access code. This gives your brand the ability to track which reps

are driving the most traffic. This increased accountability means that with the right

amount of encouragement, brand ambassadors can become important components

of your marketing strategy. It also raises the bar for campus reps to step up their recruiting game.

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