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Back to School Marketing Strategies

  • What To Know About This Year’s Back to School Season

    August 19, 2016

    One of the largest spending seasons is vastly approaching and parents and students have an endless amount of options when it comes to where they want to spend their money this back to school season. Many businesses are vying for the share of consumers’ wallets through special in-store promotions and recently launched apps. Here are five things your business should know about the 2016 back to school shopping season. Spending is reaching an all-time high. The National Retail Federation predicted that total spending on back to school from kindergarten to college will reach $78.5 billi Read More
  • Technology Rules for This Back to School Season

    August 9, 2016

    Technology is set to be the biggest driver of consumer spending this back to school season. According to the Consumer Technology Association, they reported that almost three of every five back to school shoppers plan on spending their budget on some sort of technology item. These technology items include tech items such as smartphones, tablets, a computer, a calculator, memory drive or headphones. This figure of 59% of consumers has increased by 12% in comparison to last year. Consumers in general plan to spend $18.5 billion on technology items for back to school, which is up 6.5% from last Read More
  • What to Expect from This Year’s Back to School Season

    July 19, 2016

    Now that summer is halfway over, the back to school season will be here in the blink of an eye. The back to school season is a prime time to capture the attention of incoming college freshman and students returning back to campus. It is a huge revenue driver, as it plays a major role in the lives of every college student. US retail e-commerce is predicted to increases 15 percent in July and August of 2016, according to eMarketer. When consumers start shopping According to the National Retail Federation, by August 9 of last year, back to school shoppers had only completed 50 perce Read More
  • Attention Marketers: Back to School Shopping Has Already Begun

    May 20, 2016

    With some colleges just barely ending their spring semester, back to school shopping has already begun. Although the back-to-school marketing does not pick up pace until July, according to a Bizrate Insights survey earlier this month, 5% of consumers have already started shopping, and even started back in April. Seven percent plan to hit the stores for back to school products before June. Consumers are shopping more and more advance in order to save money and get the most out of back to school deals. Last year, consumers said they started shopping early due to the desire to save m Read More
  • How Yik Yak Won Over College Students

    May 13, 2016

    Almost three years ago, Furman University graduate Brooks Buffington decided to develop mobile apps with his friend and classmate, Tyler Droll. A few weeks ago, Buffington spoke in front of a multitude of entrepreneurs, tech professionals, marketers and investors on how they won over the college student generation with their app Yik Yak. What is Yik Yak exactly? It is an app has caused a massive buzz on over 2,000 college campuses. Users post anonymously on the app and Yik Yak displays all the feed it received within a set radius, which usually falls around the radius of universit Read More
  • How to Stay Connected with College Students During the Summer

    April 19, 2016

    Summer break is a crucial time for businesses looking to enter or stay invested in the market of college students. In the summer months, there is a mass exodus of college students as they leave their respective campuses and pack up to go to the many places they call home. However, the summer months do not have to be labeled as such a scary, unprofitable season. There is plenty of potential for businesses to establish a solid relationship with college students in the summer months. With these tips, your business will be sure to establish a solid foundation that will last until the back to sch Read More
  • It is Never Too Early to Start Thinking about Back-to-School Marketing

    March 22, 2016

    With the college spring semester starting to wrap up, college students are starting to study for finals and getting ready to go home. However, although the countdown to the beginning of the back-to-school season is farther away, it is never too early for businesses to start prepping their marketing strategy for this lucrative season. Back to school spending has increased 42% over the past 10 years. Last year, 30% of shoppers said they were planning to spend more than the year before, and over 35% planned to spend the same amount as last year, according to the National Retail Federa Read More
  • Back to School Marketing Series: Advantages of Print Advertising

    August 17, 2015

    Students will return for a new school year armed with the latest gadgets, laptops, and smart phones. However, despite all these technologies, millennials still gravitate towards their college newspaper to obtain their campus news. Print advertising is far from dead, and with college newspapers getting ready for the return to classes, now is the time to start a print advertising campaign. Not sold on the impact of print advertising? Here are some advantages of the print ads. Print maintains an aura of seriousness. People tune into what college newspapers have to say, especiall Read More
  • Back to School Marketing Series: How to Market to Greek Life Students

    August 6, 2015

    Greek life is an omnipresent aspect of college that is as historic and traditional as college itself. Nine million college students around the nation are members of a Greek organization. For many businesses, Greek life students are the perfect target demographic – they have money, are influenced by their fellow sisters and brothers, and attend many college events in large groups. Here are some tips on how to efficiently market to the largest and unified demographic on college campuses. Get in their territory. College Greeks have an extremely busy schedule all year; therefore busine Read More
  • Back to School Marketing: How to Introduce Your Brand to Incoming Freshman

    August 3, 2015

    A new school year doesn’t solely signify a fresh start for students – for many business owners, the arrival of August or late September symbolizes a fresh start and new opportunities to reinvigorate their brand and its message to obtain new customers. Although back to school means there will be an influx of new potential customers, there will also be a new wave of other businesses to compete with. Incorporate these marketing techniques to keep your brand relevant and outshine other competitors this back to school season. Use augmented reality in flyering and postering. Augmented Read More
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