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Transit Advertising Strategies

  • Advantages of Transit Marketing

    June 24, 2016

    Transit advertising is an effective strategy to reach many students and increase brand awareness on college campuses. Here are a few advantages of transit marketing: Exposure. The extended time of exposure to a transit advertisement is one of the major benefits. Commute times to get to and from campus, and to dorms and off-campus apartments is enough time for your message to sink in. Because the audience is essentially a captive one with nowhere else to go and not much to do while waiting for public transportation, riders are more likely to read ads more than once. Additionally, Read More
  • College’s Look At Advertising on Campus

    March 28, 2014

     A recent article by the Queen’s Journal, a student newspaper for Queen’s University in Ontario, recently explored the prevalence of advertising in the lives of college students. At this day and age, an ad is never out of eyesight. They are everywhere from busses to billboards to phones. The list goes on and on. But how often do people actually notice the ads and acknowledge them? Jacob Brower, assistant professor of marketing at the Queen’s School of Business, talks about the relationship between students and advertisements on campus. Campuses are an attractive space for Read More
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