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How to Adapt Your Business to the Shift to Visual Media

The latest trend in social media that is sure to grow in 2015 is the expansion of visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. These simpler media platforms rely solely on images to convey a message or reach an audience instead of a Facebook post or 140 characters of a tweet. According to a survey of 260 college students conducted by Study Breaks, 73% of college students use Instagram and 48% use Pinterest daily. Instagram was also recently reported to have as much as 15 times greater engagement than Facebook or Twitter. In 2013, Pinterest became the second largest driver of traffic on the Internet according to Shareaholic’s Social Media Traffic Report. Businesses can take advantage of the expansion of visual media by adopting these tips.

Use visuals to illustrate your message

Instead of writing a lengthy post that most students would scroll over in their newsfeed, try to summarize your message in a picture, infographics, graphics, or slideshow and post it on Pinterest or Instagram. Use different filters, fonts, and other editing tools to make your photo or visual unique and professional-looking. The visual should be eye-catching and make sure to post an external link if possible to attract page views.

Target college students

Focus on college students by posting photos that they would find trendy, relatable and share-able with others. A survey done by Crux Research of college students found that 43% paid attention to ads recommended by friends and family. Another way is to offer discounts and promotions for local restaurants and stores on Instagram or Pinterest to attract new followers and maintain current ones.


Invite a call to action

Make your social media platforms interactive with followers. Add hashtags under image descriptions that encourage followers to post their own photos. Post images and ask for suggestions and opinions on upcoming events, new additions to the company, or latest promotions. Create a photo competition between followers that promotes your brand or product and have competitors post under a hashtag.


General Electric has an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to featuring fan photos of their #GEInspiredMe campaign, which promotes a connection with clients while maintaining a strong identity of the core of their brand.

Incorporate a variety of visual and written messages

Although the idea of visual media is to focus on the image of a message, it is important not to neglect words completely. Make sure to mix up visuals and words with different posts. Add short videos, infographics, and slideshows to showcase a variety of media that can appeal to different clients. A photo has to be straightforward and powerful enough to stand alone – most photos and videos need some written background.

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