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College Marketing and Media Services


Campus Marketing & Media Services

OnCampus offers a diverse portfolio of campus media to help clients reach college students with messages that breaks through the clutter. All of our media can target specific campuses, markets or regions. The OnCampus team will custom design a media plan to fit any marketing strategy and budget.

Out Of Home

To a college student, life is in constant movement. Between classes, meals, campus jobs, study groups and extracurricular activities, students are constantly on the move. Out-of-home reach students with large format displays throughout their busy day.

Our OOH network covers over 300 universities, reaching over 7 million students across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

  • Campus transit buses – exterior displays
  • Campus transit buses – interior bus cards
  • Bus shelters
  • Campus kiosks
  • Street furniture
  • Billboards
  • Bulletin board posters

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It’s 2018, show me a college student without a smartphone or a laptop and I will show you a student who lost their smartphone and laptop. A college student without a smartphone or laptop is akin to a fish out of water – it’s not natural, and everyone knows there’s something missing.

We use students’ dedication to digital to your advantage. Our innovative strategies will help you reach your target market anytime & anywhere on campus. Your marketing message can be conveyed by using video, banners and native advertising formats.

Our proprietary digital strategies includes the oncampusWEB network of college newspaper websites. Through this network, OnCampus is able to directly place and traffic advertising on 500 student newspaper websites. In addition, we offer several location-specific online and mobile advertising strategies that geo-target over 1600 campuses.

  • University IP-targeted advertisements
  • Mobile display & video
  • Student email blasts
  • College newspaper websites
  • Social media advertising

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Brand Ambassadors

If you saw an advertisement for pet rocks on television, would you buy it? How about if your friends kept posting online and talking about it? What if it became cool?

OnCampus has developed a national network of brand ambassadors. Our student BA’s will promote your brand face-to-face and through their social media networks. These ambassadors can be used to distribute product samples, flyers, dorm room door hangers, or promotional coupons. Brand ambassadors represent your voice on campus, enabling students to connect one-to-one with your brand so it will become cool.

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Social Media

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter are today’s tools that define a college student’s identity. Picking a good profile picture is like buying a prom dress. College students are living through social media by using these platforms to stay in touch with friends and to keep up to date with the news.

Our national network of social media influencers give our clients a direct voice to thousands of college students. By engaging students where they connect with one another, brands connect naturally as part of the discussion, influencing habits and perceptions.


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Direct Marketing

Do you want to reach graduate students at 200 4-year public universities? Direct marketing.

Do you want to reach Asian-American males or junior engineering majors or females attending community colleges in Florida? Direct marketing.

Email is that voice of one-to-one engagement. You choose the demographic profile to target and we’ll blast your message to them.

OnCampus sources directly from leading education content providers who are all CAN-SPAM compliant. With over 2.5 million dedicated email and postal addresses, we can reach the subset of students that best defines your target audience.

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Campus Events

Sponsor an event or create your own event. Campus events create excitement around your brand. Let our promotions team develop a custom event or sponsorship opportunity that students will enjoy and remember.

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High School

Meet the high school market, where kids develop their personalities and tastes. Love it or hate it, brands have huge impact on defining who you are or who you want to be.

We approach the high school market using digital media. Like college students, high school is all about digital. It is the common thread. We offer both desktop and mobile with banners and video ads served in app, on social, or over the Internet using location-based and demographic attributes.

If entering college freshman are a high priority, we can help you reach college-bound high school seniors with dedicated email and direct mail.

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