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Summer Marketing Strategies: Boost Business When Class Isn’t In Session

With the end of the spring semester approaching and college students are buckling down for finals, it is time for businesses to put their summer marketing strategies into gear. As the seasons are changing, students get ready for summer by going their separate ways – whether it be going away on vacation, traveling back home, or even staying on campus for summer classes. Businesses should not be put off by student exodus from campus and see it as a lower season for sales and revenue. Here are some marketing tips to heat up your summer marketing strategy.

  1. Implement mobile

With students no longer all on campus and can spend the summer months anywhere in the world, it is especially important to implement a mobile app, or mobile-responsive website. While many people use desktops and laptops, especially with the on-the-go summer attitude, mobile searches are huge. A mobile responsive platform is an effective way to increase viewer traffic over the summer vacation. Therefore, viewers can easily access information about your brand or company no matter where they are.

  1. Reevaluate use of social media channels

Regardless of where your target audience will be this summer, there is no doubt that they will still be on social media. They still will be uploading pictures to Instagram, posting updates on Snapchat, sharing links on Facebook and sharing their summer adventures. When developing a social media strategy for over the summer, you’ll want to prioritize sites and apps that place heavy emphasis on visual and video, and less on actual content.

  1. Go out of the box to get students talking

Increase engagement and interaction by encouraging your target audience to speak up. Create polls, host summer giveaways, and encourage the use of hashtags to get students talking about your brand. Ask your customers about their questions and opinions about your product, so you can familiarize yourself with your audience about their thoughts and desires.

  1. Involve the community

There are an endless amount of outdoor activities and events in the summer. Town carnivals, summer sporting events, or even charity walks or fundraisers are excellent opportunities to get involved with the campus community – especially near commuter colleges, or colleges that offer summer class programs. Involvement or participation in these town events can be advertised in student newspapers to generate even more awareness on campus.

  1. Build momentum for back to school season

Summer seasons are the perfect time to plan and strategize ahead for the busy season of back to school. Use the downtime to network, plan and develop new products and/or services to enter the back to school season confidently and with a unique message that will surely resonate with college students.

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