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Tips for Mobile Marketing Success in 2017

Mobile marketing is becoming a critical piece in a marketer’s toolbox. Today’s college students are increasingly dependent on their mobile phones to juggle their different interests and daily tasks. In addition to their laptops, students are turning to their smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches to get information. With mobile quickly supplanting desktops, mobile marketing is no longer just one of the many options for marketing as it was before. Mobile marketing is crucial to connecting with consumers and developing long term relationships in today’s digital age. Here are four tips to guarantee success in your mobile marketing strategy:

  1. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

College students love to pinch and zoom their way around mobile websites before making a purchase. Marketers who fail to make their website suitable to the tiny screen of a smartphone will have a significantly harder time attracting customers. Creating a mobile-friendly experience all throughout the purchasing process right up until checkout makes all the difference. Start by decreasing your bandwidth as much as you can – mobile users are a lot less patient than desktop users and get easily frustrated when sites have trouble loading. Use social media logins to reduce the time and hassle of creating an account. Customers who have more time on your site have more time to rethink their purchases.

  1. Coupons

A recent survey discovered that 96% of consumers use coupons. The redemption rate for mobile coupons is even higher than physical flyer or magazine coupons – because students can easily leave their coupon at their dorm, but always have their smartphones with them. Incentivize your mobile followers while increasing your revenue by adding coupons to your mobile marketing strategy. Increase awareness about your deals by sending text and email push-notifications. Promotions that are sent when customers are near a certain store or have just visited have a better chance of getting redeemed.

  1. Get on board with mobile payments

One thing to take away from the ecommerce boom is that customers prefer convenient and quick transactions. Therefore, big brands are changing the procedures of the shopping experience to better suit the mobile age with mobile pay options. Setting up your company’s services to offer mobile pay will be hugely relevant this year. Since not all customers completely trust mobile payments, make sure to sign them up with a secure payment processor.

  1. Start having mobile-only social

Mobile-only social apps like Snapchat and Instagram will only increase in popularity in upcoming years. Adapt a cross-platform strategy to keep up with consistent messaging and reaching as many customers as possible. It is also important to understand the subtle differences between each of the apps and how your audience utilizes them. Adapt your message to multiple platforms, but tweak them to fit the nature and use of them.

These tips are sure to resonate with college students and prompt them to leave the store, website or app with a purchase.

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