Apps and Technologies Trending with College Students

Apps and Technologies Trending with College Students

The trending apps and technologies utilized the most by college students demonstrate what, how and where students want brands to connect with them. Most college students use Uber as transportation at night, Spotify to listen to their favorite songs and Venmo to pay and receive money from their friends. A recent survey from Fluent discovered that these three brands are becoming increasingly integrated into college students’ everyday lives. The report was based on data from October-November of 2016 of over 500 college students aged 17-24 years old from all over the US. Over three-quarters (78%) of those surveyed said they use Uber, which is up 20% from last year.

What’s on the Rise

Social media is still a great way to connect with college students, with over half saying that ads on social media influenced a purchasing decision. Students that said they use their smartphones 6-10 hours a day rose from 35% to 40%, with two-thirds of students saying they are on their smartphone way too much.

Buzzfeed is becoming a common source for students to get their news. NYTimes and CNN apps are still the preferred favorite for news, but Buzzfeed increased from 11% to 13% from last year.

Spotify streaming music went up 10% from 40 to 50% over the year.

Mobile payment is on the rise from the shocking fact that 1 out of 5 students don’t carry cash on hand. Sixty-five percent of students use Venmo as a mobile payment, replacing PayPal as the primary method for electronic payment.

What’s Still on Top

College students are always looking for a good deal and value discounts and coupons to get the items they need. Therefore, coupons are still a major hit for college students. Seventy-five percent use coupons when shopping. Amazon is still their go-to website for anything they want to purchase online, with 62% citing it as their top choice.

Netflix is still the top hit for streaming TV and movie (78%), followed by Amazon Prime (36%).

What’s Declining in Popularity

General cable use dropped from 52% to 25%, and movie watching went down from 22% to 14%, as screening TV online is more popular. College student prefer streaming their favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu on their laptops, as opposed to watching live TV.

Gaming apps are becoming less popular, with a drop from 63% to 53%.

In-store shopping preference decreased from 62% to 54%, with the popularity and ease of shopping online and Prime’s free two-day shipping features.

Students are eating out less frequently and cooking meals on-campus more often, with the percentage of students who do not cook for themselves dropping from 19% to 13%.

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