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  • Tips for Advertising to College Students

    August 24, 2018

    Advertising to college students isn’t always easy. Advertisements bombard students not only everywhere they go but also every time they look at their phone (which is, typically, a lot). Many students do not actively engage with things immediately perceived as an ad. Even those that do cannot possibly recall everything they have seen. For these reasons it’s important to find ways to stand out and make sure you appeal to college students. Here’s some tips for making that happen:   Grab Their Attention This may seem like common sense, but too often brands continue to ignore the im Read More
  • Benefits of Bulletin Board Advertising

    August 10, 2018

    The world is becoming increasingly digital, and so too is advertising. However, that doesn’t mean old advertising methods need to go away. In fact, some of them are still the more effective. When it comes to advertising towards college students, nothing demonstrates this better than bulletin board advertising.  Frequency of Bulletin Board Advertising While they may seem old-fashioned, bulletin boards still work. The primary reason is their placement. Colleges typically place them throughout dorms and academic buildings, two places that students are in quite often. Not only will this a Read More
  • College Bulletin Board Posters Key to Reaching Students

    August 6, 2018

    Easy-to-Find College Bulletin Board and Informational As students begin to flow back into dorms this fall, the college bulletin board becomes a very central point of easily accessible information. Many bulletin boards are in central locations (in common rooms, by elevators, etc.). They provide a perfect opportunity to market to students. Posters that actively engage students allow brands to create a connection with both new and returning college students. We recommend short, to the point messages that will hold students’ interest as they peruse various posters. Companies that want to pus Read More
  • The Benefits of Working with an College Advertising Agency

    July 27, 2018

    As more new ways to advertise continue to be developed, advertising campaigns increasingly become more complex . Trying to manage these campaigns can become very difficult for a business trying to juggle many other things. For this and other reasons, it can be incredibly useful to turn to an agency. Here are some reasons why hiring an college advertising agency could be beneficial to your business. Save Time The biggest and most obvious benefit of working with a college advertising agency is the time it will save your business. Don't rely on your own internal team to craft a potentially expa Read More
  • College Students Spending More on Back-to-School Supplies

    July 17, 2018

    In our last blog we discussed some of the offers and messaging college students want during the college back-to-school season. This blog explores the overall increase in spending. The data is based on a survey conducted last Fall by OnCampus Advertising in coordination with independent survey company WhatsGoodly. Spending Increases in College Back-to-School College students spending more money than ever before on back-to-school supplies. Of 527 student responses, 61% planned to maintain or increase their back-to-school spending in comparison to the previous year. Nearly half of the college s Read More
  • Back-To-School College Students Deals

    July 5, 2018

    The stereotype of cheap and thrifty college students is alive and well. Last fall OnCampus Advertising conducted a survey in coordination with independent survey company WhatsGoodly. The results show discounts and other types of deals are still a big concern for college students when they’re completing their back-to-school shopping. Results The survey results found that the purchase habits of 93% of respondents are at least partially affected by coupons. Additionally, coupons affect the purchase decisions “all the time for everything I buy,” for 22% of the respondents. This provides cl Read More
  • The Biggest Advantages of College Social Influencer Marketing

    June 25, 2018

    One of the most effective ways to reach college students is through the use of social influencers, as no one is more well-versed in social media than college students. Social influencers promote a product or brand by making a post directly on their social media page, thereby reaching all of their followers. While they can exist on any social media platform, they are most common on Instagram, benefitting from its focus on photo and video content. Here are some of the biggest benefits of marketing with social influencers. Less Pushy Influencers offer a far more organic way to reach people than Read More
  • How Businesses Can Succeed in a Mobile-First World

    June 19, 2018

    It’s a mobile first world, and statistics are there to prove it. Most of the world’s Internet traffic is now mobile. Almost 70% of the dollars spent on digital advertising is spent on mobile, and over 90% of Facebook’s revenue is comprised of mobile revenue. Although college student consumers are deep in the mobile adoption curve, most marketers are still lagging behind. For companies to connect with mobile first college students, they must keep these three principles in mind. Understand how and when students use their phones The world has been shifting to a mobile-first approach Read More
  • Drive Sales from College Students with these Summer Marketing Strategies

    June 12, 2018

    Summer can be a challenging season for businesses looking to target college students due to summer break. It usually means a slow down in sales from college campuses emptying out for vacation, which can cause some frustration. Here are a few ways to overcome the summer slump and get more from your summer marketing strategy.   Switch it up from last year Work with what you have and determine what worked and what didn’t. Focus on aspects like customer engagement, follow through and brand recall after events and sponsorship opportunities, and general customer feelings. If you ar Read More
  • Summer Marketing Strategies to Engage College Students All Summer Long

    May 18, 2018

    With the Memorial holiday quickly approaching, it is time for your business to begin implementation for specific marketing strategies to take you into the summer months. Here are some ideas on how to engage with college students on and off campus during summer break. Cool your customers off With the hotter months approaching quickly, students will be looking for any excuse to cool off. Hand out ice pops or bottled water with flyers about your business in populated areas such as on campus, a park, shopping center or boardwalk. You will not only provide relief, but also spread awareness Read More
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